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Welcome to Abou Draa / Nuts and Bolts - On The Net, Lebanon’s leading exporter of roasted nuts and your outstanding source for a sensual array of nuts, seed products, packaging and gift ideas and also importing Used heavy Duty Machineries..

A family business that has specialized in the finest nut and seed products for the better part of a century, now directed by Bilal Abou Draa, Abou Draa has developed longstanding relationships with local and regional growers to bring you the finest quality products and the highest level of taste and service.

Our Heavy Duty Machineries, includes a wide range from Forklifts to Tractors, Power Shovels to Cement Crane Distributor.

You can contact us by either using the form provide, by clicking the contact us link or send an email to: trade@aboudraa.com
Or you may contact us directly by:
Telephone: 961 - 7 - 753678
Fax: 961 - 7 - 753083
Mobile: 961 - 3 - 999944
Saida, Lebanon