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Welcome to Abou Draa / Nuts and Bolts - On The Net, Lebanon’s leading exporter of roasted nuts and your outstanding source for a sensual array of nuts, seed products, packaging and gift ideas.

Abou Draa products are featured in supermarkets and department stores throughout Lebanon. A family business that has specialized in the finest nut and seed products for the better part of a century, Abou Draa has developed longstanding relationships with local and regional growers to bring you the finest quality products and the highest level of taste and service.

Since we specialize in a very select product line, we’re able to devote more time seeking the best products at the best prices. To remain faithful to this vital objective.

Abou Draa does most of its own processing and packing at our factory, – allowing us maximized quality control at all times. Most recently, with this web site, Abou Draa has expanded its offerings to the Internet to offer the ultimate in service and convenience. That was about Nuts - Now Moving on to the Bolts side of things...please see our Machinery and Heavy Equipment Section